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Essentials of Internal Control – article for Bank of the West newsletter

I wrote an article for Bank of the West called Essentials of Internal Control.  It discusses one superb internal control you should be using for cash, explains that trust is not an internal control, and offers a creative idea to improve control over cash.

A one sentence summary of internal control is at the end of this paragraph:

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Welcome to the blog for the book Once Upon Internal Control.  This will be the place to see cartoons based on the book and seek discussion on the topics.

The goal of the book, the cartoons, and this blog is to help local churches improve their internal controls.


Additional thoughts on bank reconciliations

Local churches normally have extremely tight staffing. This is not news to anyone.

Small churches and small parachurch ministries usually can get the bank reconciliations completed, do so accurately, and usually finish on a timely basis. I won’t go into detail on how to prepare a bank rec because I think everyone has that nailed.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the best practice for bank reconciliations. Then we’ll look at the reality and what could be done to improve controls.

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