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eBook ‘Tragedy of Fraud’ now available in multiple formats

Fraud has tragic effects on innocent people who didn’t commit the fraud. The person who did the deed will pay a severe price far beyond what the judge imposes. Just like a stone thrown into a pond causes ripples all across the water, so a fraud ripples out to cause all sorts of harm.


Only 99 cents.

Available in Epub for iPad, iBooks, Nook, and Sony Reader.

Also in mobi for Kindle, PDF for desktop reading, and 5 other formats.

Newest versions can be found here.

Has been available at Amazon since February.

Two case studies look at the tragic ripple effect and wages earned: first, a bookkeeper in a local church; second, mayor of a small city.

Book concludes with explanation of the fraud triangle. When opportunity, motivation, and rationalization combine, the risk for fraud is sky high.

This is intentionally a short read. Only 41 pages in the Amazon version; 26 pages in PDF format.

Newest versions just published yesterday at Smashwords.

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