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Live example of a fraud fiasco

“Going to meet your Maker with the fresh scent of theft on your hands is not a good way to go…”

is how Charles Hall starts his story of a long ago fraud – Stealing While Dying.

We’ve all seen the situation where the bookkeeper does the main bookkeeping, receives the bank statements, reconciles the accounts, and is an authorized check signer.

In this situation, the most-honest-and-nicest-person-you’ll-ever-meet bookkeeper starting stealing lots of money when she became gravely ill.

His story took place in a for-profit business, but it could easily happen in any church.

Check out the full story. It is short and enlightening.

Lots of lesson to be learned from the story.

Severe pressure can do amazing and frightening things to people.

His story is an actual example of the fictional story I tell in Once Upon Internal Control available at Amazon. My other blog has animated cartoons illustrating the first half of the book.

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