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‘Tragedy of Fraud’ in e-book format – soon to be released

(Cross posted from my other blog, Nonprofit Update.)

Tragedy of Fraud – The Ripple Effects from Fraud and the Wages Earned will be released soon in Kindle format. This is a compilation of blog posts about the damage caused by fraud. It will also discuss the fraud triangle.

The sections of the book are:

  • Tragedy of Fraud – The Ripple Effects from the Embezzlement Fraud in a Local Church
  • Wages of Fraud –Consequences from the Corruption Fraud in a Mayor’s Office
  • The Corruption Case as an Illustration of Why it is Difficult to Find Fraud
  • The Fraud Triangle – Danger When All Three Sides Are Present

The book consists of posts previously published on my blogs. They have been organized into a logical sequence and edited slightly.

Looks like it will be about 50 pages long. This will be my fourth published book.

I’ll keep you posted on the status.

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